Best Car Emergency Kits

Posted: June 27, 2019

Owning a car is certainly convenient. Unfortunately, car ownership has some drawbacks. One of these is that it’s virtually guaranteed that you will have some sort of car related emergency eventually. If you’ve ever found yourself stranded roadside, you know what that’s like. 

It’s no fun, but you can get through these situations unscathed if you’re prepared. Keep your car well maintained. Use a service like AAA. Always keep a fully stocked, car emergency kit in your vehicle. To help with the last item on the list, check out these top five best car emergency kits.

Car Emergency Kits Review

1) Lifeline AAA Road Kit

It’s not surprising that AAA has come out with their own roadside emergency kit. We think that it’s decently priced option. It’s a very good, basic car emergency kit. You’ll get jumper cables, first aid kit, flashlight, and a few other items.

The real selling point here is durability. Every piece, including the case will last quite a long time. This is a useful kit from a reputable company. 

2) Kolo Sports Auto Emergency Kit

This 156 piece kit is our most expensive option. We think it’s worth every dime. Unlike other kits that boast a large number of products, there are no throw away items here. Everything is well-made, and potentially useful. It’s truly useful in any emergency.

This kit has a multi piece tool kit, a tire repair kit, reflective triangles, battery cables, fully stocked first aid kit, and many other items. This is a great kit for inexperienced drivers, because it contains so many items that they may not realize they need. This earns our rating of top car emergency kit.

3) Aootek Upgraded 268 Piece Survival Kit

This kit truly has everything. Even better, it’s a great value option in our guide. More than a car emergency kit. This is a true survival kit. If you go offroading, car camping, or otherwise spend time in the backcountry, you need this. 

This kit has a fully loaded first aid kit, tools, knives, scissors, fishing equipment, saws, a compass, firestarters, and so much more. The only drawback is that it doesn’t contain many of the standard items that would come in your standard emergency car kit. Still, combine this with one of the budget car kits on this list, and you will be able to survive some pretty intense situations.

4) Top Gear Roadside Assistance Kit

This kit from top gear is the second priciest on our list, but it contains some truly useful. In fact, there are a few things here that we didn’t find in other kits. One of these is a safety whistle. The other is a hand charged flashlight that doesn’t require any batteries. Both are important safety items that are well worth considering.

In addition to these extras, this car kit has several standard items. These include, reflective vest, first aid kit, booster cables, and a bungee cord.

5) WNG Brands Roadside Assistance Emergency Car Kit

Another great option included in our guide that comes at the middle of the pack as far as pricing is concerned. Still, we rank this as one of the best value car emergency kits that we’ve found to date. It’s got a wide range of useful products. These include a tow strap, first aid kit, safety vest, jumper cables, LED flashlight, tire pressure gauge, emergency blanket, and more.

The kit comes in a durable case that will store behind your seat, in your trunk, or in the spare tire compartment. This mid priced car emergency kit will help you out in nearly any situation.

What to Look For in a Great Car Kit For Roadside Emergencies

Before you  make your final decision, here are some things to consider:

  1. Do you feel comfortable making your own repairs? If so, look for a kit that has a decent repair kit. If not, prioritize safety items like reflector triangles, a flashlight, and first aid kit.
  2. How much room do you have? If you have limited space in your trunk or backseat, you may need to choose a smaller emergency kit for your car. This ensures you have room for your spare tire and other items.
  3. What do you already have? If your car is equipped with a tool kit and first aid kit, you can pick an emergency set that’s a little more basic.

With a little bit of planning, you should be prepared for any car related emergency for well under 100 dollars.