Best Carpet Shampoo Reviews (2020)

Posted: 11 May 2020

Introduction To Best Carpet Cleaner Shampoo’s and Upholstery Cleaners

As your vehicle ages, the interior becomes dirty with grime, oils, sand and various stains. If you think doing a simple carpet vacuuming and some laundry soap (with some rubbing) will do the trick… you’d be wrong.

All carpets and cloth upholstery when presented with stains and dirt, can be very difficult to clean (using traditional methods). Soap and a brush won’t do it justice compared to what a heavy-duty machine can when paired up with a carpet shampoo. We put together this guide assuming you already have access to some type of carpet machine and need a heavy duty interior upholstery and carpet detergent.

To make your choices much easier, we’ve put together a chart showing you the 5 best carpet shampoos that also work great on cloth upholstery. And if you’re looking for cleaners and conditioners for leather seats, then we have also created an article about that for you.

Here’s 5 Best Carpet Cleaning Shampoos and Solutions

5. Hoover Platinum Carpet Cleaner Shampoo Detergent Pet Plus

For our #5 pick for best upholstery and carpet cleaner, we have the Hoover Platinum Carpet Cleaner Shampoo Detergent Pet Plus. This is a 50 oz jug, which will give you plenty of cleaner to tackle medium to heavy jus.

This detergent can tackle grass stains, blood, vomit, pet accidents, and various oil stains. This cleaner is approved for both carpet and sensitive upholstery cloth found in most vehicles. After use, you’ll get a fresh linen scent. Click the button below to see the current best price and what over 900 others have reviewed/rated it.

4. Hoover CleanPlus 2X Deodorizer & Carpet Cleaner Shampoo

Another great cleaner from Hoover is their CleanPlus 2x Deodorizer Carpet Cleaner Shampoo (model #AH30330). What we love about this unit is it not only helps to remove stains but also to remove foul scents.

Some other great things about this detergent are, it’s 100% biodegradable and non-toxic. This pretty much means there won’t be any biological harm to the sewer lines waste water goes into.

Being a concerted formula means you’ll have to divide certain portions based on how much water you’ll be using. Add more for greater strength or add less for a weaker formula. You’ll have the ability to use this not only in your home but also in automobile interiors.

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3. Bissell 78H6B Deep Clean Pro 2X Deep Cleaning Upholstery Shampoo Formula

Here’s a concentrated formula for fighting carpet stains that is just as popular is Hoover, if not more. Bissell 78H6B Deep Clean Pro 2X Upholstery Shampoo Formula. What’s great about this concentrated formula, is that you’ll be able to tackle stains ranging from oil, to pet accidents and much more.

The biodegradable detergent makes it safer for the environment, and most importantly, you’ll have the ability to expose of it in areas where there’ regulations on chemical run-off.

This is the best selling product when it comes down to commercial carpet cleaning and deodorizing in Amazon, especially with over 700 individual user reviews raving about its potency. Click the button bellow to see the current best price for a 48oz jug.

2. Nature’s Miracle Tropical Bloom Scent Deep Cleaning Carpet Shampoo

As we’re moving down to our #2, we took a slightly better approach towards picking a good quality carpet and upholstery cleaning shampoo. The Nature’s Miracle Advanced Deep Cleaning Shampoo that works especially hard towards fighting pet accidents.

It’s biodegradable are great for cleaning regular carpet floors and cloth automotive upholstery. Using this on both your steam and carpet cleaner will prove to be effective. It’s low foaming, phosphate-free formula works to not only remove stains, but also foul odors.

If you want to go with an economical option for carpet and upholstery extracting, Nature’s Miracle Advanced Deep Cleaning Shampoo is a good choice.

1. Rug Doctor Oxy Pro Carpet & Upholstery Shampoo

As we move towards our #1 best carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning detergent, we picked the Rug Doctor Oxy Pro Carpet Cleaner & Upholstery Shampoo. This stuff is quite potent, and something a lot of commercial-grade cleaning companies use for their business.

Being a concentrated formula, you’ll be able to mix this 64oz bottle for many uses. Whether you’re fighting dirt, soil, grass stains, oil, or most other common types of stains, combining this cleaner with a good quality carpet extractor will give you the best results.

As for cost, you won’t be spending any more than 20 dollars for such a great stain fighting product. Click the button bellow to see the current best price.

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