About Us

We have started this website with the thought of making it easy for people to take care of their cars – we know that tinkering and servicing your own car is becoming more and more difficult as cars become less mechanical and more electronic. But there will always be people that will want to do it themselves – whether it’s changing their own oil, to accessorizing to simply cleaning. We want to keep this DIY culture alive and help you make the best choice for your car.

Best In Class Reviews

Reviews and recommendations are an integral part of what we do. We write our  most informed “best in class” reviews, based on several factors:

  • Testing – we test everything we review and look at independent testing information
  • Experience – we have a lot of experience of what has worked over the years and we compare it to any new products on the market
  • User Reviews – listening to people that actually use the products is important to us
  • Manufacturer Specifications and Information – sometimes, you need a human to read the manufacturer specs for you and translate them into English
  • Expert Opinions – we love listening to people who are experts in a given niche in order to make informed opinions
  • Market Statistics – you can tell a lot about a product if you look at how much of it actually sells. Does it get returned often? We want to know!

Our focus is to write helpful materials like DIY guides along with our product reviews so you can come to us for a one-stop resource on how to do everything – from picking the best product to using it correctly and not wasting your time. We know that in order to help cultivate a car culture of gear heads and gadget lovers, we have to be on top of our game.

Informative Blog Posts

See our blog for the latest car gossip, fun facts and gear head talk. See what newest releases we’re anticipating in the world of accessories, apps and more. What about new wireless trends, or ideas for entertaining your kids on that 300-mile ride to grandma’s and where is the modified car culture still alive and well? (You’ll be surprised!) Come and have a look!

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Reviews Categories

Car Care

We have reviews of the best car care products on the market. We also point out some not-so-great ones and warn you to steer clear and save your money. Car care is a key aspect of car ownership, and we want to help you do it right.


Detailing your car doesn’t have to be a chore. You can save a ton of money and do it yourself instead of going to an expensive detailing shop – and we’ll bet real American dollars that when you take your time with the right tools, you’ll do it better than the pros!


Electronics are tricky pieces of equipment to get. Why? There are endless websites promoting all sorts of car electronics and some of them are the perfect contenders for “what you see and what you get” memes. Don’t stress and take a look at our reviews to make sure you’re getting the real thing!


Audio systems are often the first major (and most costly!) accessory you get for any new car. This is where we tend to sink a lot of our money into, so come in and read some invaluable reviews that will make choosing easier. If you’re looking for the best amps, stereos or subwoofers, you’ve come to the right place for reviews!

Engine & Performance

Are you looking for performance insight monitors, fuel management systems or SCT performance chips? Want to see them compared and their features listed in one useful place so you can make your choice fast? Read our engine & performance reviews and take your knowledge to the next level.


There are some amazing accessories out there – whether it’s for the outside or inside of your car. They range from really useful can’t-live-without-them gadgets to the ones that we wish we never got. Come and see which ones will make your driving experience more enjoyable.

Exterior Accessories

We often think of exterior accessories as “bling” – and let’s face it – if you’re going to glue something to the exterior of the car you better make sure that it has the shine, durability and is tough enough to go the extra mile with you.

Interior Accessories

Interior accessories have gone wild in 2020 – there are so many different kinds available that you’ll be left scratching your head. From back-saving chair add-ons, mood lighting, to the best organizers for those busy commuters that live in their cars, we’ve got a list that you won’t believe.


Mood lighting, fog lighting, and that new light bar that your truck totally needs for the next time you head off the grid: we’ve got reviews that will keep you from making the wrong choice. Even if you’re not in the market for lights, come and see the possibilities – we know you’ll be inspired.

Tires & Wheels

This is perhaps the most important part of your car – tires need to be great quality, durable, trusted, and safe – and of course it wouldn’t hurt if they look great as well. Whether you’re buying used or new, we have detailed reviews for your tires & wheels. If you’re on the market for wheels you’ll want to read these reviews ASAP.

Tools & Equipment Reviews

Any gear head or a person who just wants to play with their car a little bit needs the right equipment to do the job. It all starts with the good old wrench and ends with complicated apps and Plug’n’Play tools to optimize your engine performance. Come and see what your car needs, and how to install it properly with all the right tools.

Contact Us

In order to provide the best reviews, we depend on your feedback and suggestions. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us and let us know how we’re doing, or if there’s something you’d love to see us cover in our next review or blog post!