Tesla Model S Accessories Reviews (2020)

Posted: 10 January 2020

Introduction to the Best Tesla Accessories

The electric car market has sparked (pun intended) a new frenzy. Electric-powered car brands like Tesla are becoming more common place on the streets today, which has translated into a desire for customization. There’s not a whole lot electric car owners can do to enhance performance – frankly, Tesla vehicles don’t need any help in that category anyway. So if you own a Tesla, where does that leave you?

Car accessories. You can customize your Tesla’s appearance a little or a lot. You can make your car fit your personality with a few little tweaks here or there. And as a service to you, a Tesla owner or aficionado, here are the top 10 accessories for your Tesla.

Here’s the 10 Best Tesla Accessories To Buy in 2020

 #10 Tesla Motors Men’s/Women’s Corp Jacket

Tesla Motors Men's and Women's Corp Jacket

Tesla Motors Men’s/Women’s Corp Jacket

As a Tesla owner, there’s no doubt you’ll want to show your e-pride when you’re out of your vehicle. You can do so with Tesla clothing like this softshell jacket.

The Tesla wordmark is sharply emblazoned across the back of the jacket and the “T” emblem is on the chest. The simple zipper-closure front has a storm flap to keep out the wind, and there’s a nifty zip chest pocket too. Inside, a pocket specifically designed for your music device has access for your headphone wire and a loop along the front to keep your headphone cable secure. And just to make it a little more unique, the zipper pulls even have the “T” logo on them.

#9 Rearview Mirror-Mounted Dash Cam

TOPFIT Customized Car Dash Cam, Mini Driving Recorder,Car Dashboard Video Recorder Camera with 32GB for Tesla Model X

Rearview Mirror-Mounted Dash Cam

Dash cams have become valuable as a source of evidence in accidents and vandalism as well as oddball occurrences on the road. And if your Tesla Model X has the autopilot option, you can install a direct-fit dash cam on the rearview mirror.

TopFit developed the dash cam to fit inside the rearview mirror base, discreetly hidden for secret recording. The camera is auto-looping, automatically recording over the oldest video in its 32GB memory card. It connects via Wifi for ease of use to download videos to your computer or tablet. It also includes a G-sensor based Accident Auto Detection Feature to lock in recordings from an accident.

Installation is fairly simple and looks clean. Plus, you’ll feel like a spy every time you access the recordings.

 #8 Carbon Fiber Side Mirror Covers


Carbon Fiber Side Mirror Covers

Dress-up options are limited on the Tesla brand, likely due to limited model production. Cuztom Tuning offers this exact fit set of carbon fiber mirror covers for the Tesla Model S, allowing you another option to set your Tesla apart from the others.

These mirror caps or covers are made of true carbon fiber material, not like cheaper plastic caps wrapped in lookalike carbon fiber vinyl. They are finished with a UV-resistant glossy coating, highlighting the unique pattern of the carbon fiber underneath.

Installation is a breeze with two-sided tape, included with the mirror covers. These carbon fiber mirror covers look great on Teslas of any color, but really stand out on white and black paint schemes.

 #7 Tesla Motors Model S Car Cover

Tesla Motors Model S Indoor Car Cover (Black)

Tesla Model S Car Cover

Your car has a hefty price tag attached to it, so you’ll want to protect it whenever possible. This custom-fit Tesla Model S indoor car cover is an incredible way to keep your electric vehicle looking its best. The cover is made of stretch satin and is incredibly soft to protect your car’s painted finish. The Tesla Model S cover is ideal for anyone who parks in a parking garage or underground parking as it will help avoid unsightly door dings and scuffs that tend to happen.

And, because it’s a custom fit cover designed by Tesla, they know exactly what you’ll want access to while the cover is on. They’ve manufactured the cover with an access spot for the charging port, so you can have your cover on while the battery is being topped up. The heat created during charging will be whisked away thanks to the mesh panel on the front bumper and the wheels. As a bonus, your Tesla’s rims still peek through.

 #6 Stainless Steel Engraved Tesla License Plate Frame

Black Powder Coated Tesla Laser Engraved Stainless Steel License Plate Frame with Logo Engraved Steel Screw Cap Set

Tesla License Plate Frame

Regardless of the Tesla model you drive, it’s a classy car. You don’t want to degrade its appearance with cheap junk. So even for items like your license plate, jazz it up with high-quality materials like stainless steel.

The Topfit stainless steel license plate frame comes in a variety of finishes including this black powder-coated style that really pops. The frame is laser-engraved with the Tesla logo and name. Even the screws are covered with Tesla logo screw caps. As it’s made of stainless steel, it’s guaranteed not to rust or corrode.

 #5 HeatShield Windshield Sunshade

Sunshade for Tesla Model S 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 Heatshield Windshield

HeatShield Windshield Sunshade

Where UV rays are concerned, there’s no such thing as too much protection. These harmful rays can deteriorate even the highest quality materials and jack up the temperature in your car to unbearable levels. To protect your Tesla’s interior and keep it as cool as possible, HeatShield has designed an exact-fit sunshade for your windshield.

It’s made from a layer of closed-cell foam that does a great job of insulating. A metallized polyester film is laminated to the foam, effectively reflecting the sun’s rays away from the car’s interior.

Installation is a breeze. Simply unroll the HeatShield sunshade, place on your dash, and lift up into place. There’s a cutout so it accurately fits around your rearview mirror. It’s stiff enough that it can be held in place simply by flipping the sun visors down. When not in use, it rolls up and can be stored with the attached Velcro strip.

 #4 Tesla Vinyl Decals

5" 12" Large Tesla Decal Decals Vinyl Sticker Car Truck Window Laptop Wall Art (5" (approx 4x5"), Carbon Fiber)

Tesla Vinyl Decals

Without a doubt, you’re going to get sick of people asking you what kind of car it is. When the novelty wears off, install these vinyl Tesla decals.

Made of high-quality 3M vinyl, they are precisely cut and easy to install. It’s as simple as peel-and-stick, although you’ll want to use some level of accuracy to maintain your car’s appearance. The decals are available in several colors including black, white, red, and a gray carbon fiber pattern so you can choose the style that best fits your car’s palette.

The decals are available in sizes from 5 inches to 12 inches, and a few different set options exist as well.

#3 Topfit Console Organizer

Topfit Portable Center Container /Cup Holder for Tesla(Black New Version)

Topfit Console Organizer

The Tesla Model S has incredible features, but one that is sorely missing is a functional center console. There’s no place to put drinks, tissues, or charging cables so they are within reach while you’re driving. The Topfit center console organizer is a convenient solution for an annoying problem.

With the Topfit organizer, there’s space for two average-sized drive-thru cups or bottles, a large opening at the front for a Kleenex box, and a smaller side bin for smaller items. It’s not a direct fit as advertised, but its close enough that most people won’t know the difference.

 #2 Carbon Fiber Lip Spoiler by JC Sportline

JCSPORTLINE Carbon Fiber Car Spoilers For Tesla Model S Sedan All Model

Carbon Fiber Lip Spoiler by JC Sportline

Your Tesla is a high-performance car, and its body lines are already sexy and sporty. Wouldn’t it be great to add a little of the track to your car, emphasizing its aggressive attitude? Now you can with a touch of carbon fiber on the liftgate lid.

JC Sportline has manufactured a carbon fiber lip spoiler that is a direct fit for the Tesla Model S. Unlike bargain brand spoilers, this one is truly made of carbon fiber material and weighs practically nothing at all. As an incredible bonus, its no-drill installation means that you will have professional-grade 3M two-sided tape that secures the spoiler to the deck lid. It won’t come off unless you want it to come off.

#1 Weathertech FloorLiners

Tesla Model S-Weathertech Floor Liners-No Door Sill Badging Full Set(Includes 1st and 2nd Row) Black

Weathertech FloorLiners

Let’s be clear here. These aren’t your average floor mats. If you’ve never had Weathertech floor liners before, your mind is about to be blown. These mats are from the DigitalFit lineup, measured with laser precision in for an exact fit – that’s what they do for every model they manufacture floor liners for. The design wraps up the side of the door sill where no other mats cover, protecting an area that is often overlooked.

Where other all-weather floor mats have channels that trap water on the surface, WeatherTech DigitalFit FloorLiners have a reservoir where the water gets channeled into. There’s no surface mess to get your pant legs dirty. And to remove that water, you can simply drain it over the door sill. You’ll never look at floor mats the same again.


Your Tesla is already an amazing car, but with the introduction of the Tesla Model 3 soon to be released, your car won’t be as unique as it is right now. Invest in car accessories for your Tesla to make it visibly your own. Not only will it reflect a bit of your own attitude, but your resale value will be increased (not that you’ll ever want to sell it, though).

Be sure to have any accessories installed by a trained professional unless you have the right skills and tools yourself. Improper installation can cause damage to your car as well as make your prized Tesla look butchered instead of accented. You’ll be glad the job was done right in the first place.