Top 6 Best Brake Pads Front and Rear By Brand – 2017

Introduction To The Best Front Brake Pads and Rear Brake Pads (By Brand)

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When it comes to brake pads, you can lean towards a few directions. You can have “performance oriented brake pads”, “economy oriented brake pads”, or a mix of both. Your brake pads are an extremely important aspect of your vehicle, and should not be taken lightly when thinking of replacing them or, even installing them.

Having a good set of pads can mean the difference between hitting an object, and just barely missing it. You can cheap out and get generic brands that ultimately, will start to fade very fast, giving you poor stopping power. You’ll also experience a TON of brake dust which, will powder coat your wheels through time and make the cleaning process a whole lot harder.

Many often ask, “How much are brake pads?”, “What is the brake pads replacement cost?”,”How often should you change brake pads?” “Which material of brake pads should I go with?” .. these are just some of the most common questions.

  1. Brake pads can range from 15 dollars for a set (two wheels), to more than 100 dollars for a set.
  2. Usually, for a regular vehicle it should cost about 100$ in labor and plus the cost of the pads themselves (we recommend getting them online to avoid shop markup).
  3. Replacing your brake pads should happen every 25,000-30,000 miles.
  4. For everyday use, get a set of ceramic composite brake pads. If you want to set it up and have some added performance, get a set of kevlar brake pads, if you want all-out performance on the track and maximum stopping power then get a set of sintered bronze pads.

We can’t pinpoint which set of pads you should get, primarily due to the fact that we don’t know which vehicle you need them for. Sizes vary, so instead we targeted them by brand, this should ultimately help you find the best brake pads for your vehicle.

**If you are not willing to install them yourself, take your vehicle to a shop that has a good reputation. This ensures proper installation.


The Top 6 Best Brake Pads By Brand For 2017

RankingProductOverall Rating
StopTech Performance Brake Pads
4.8 Stars (4.8 / 5)
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Akebono Premium Automotive Brake Pads
4.8 Stars (4.8 / 5)
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Raybestos Premium Grade Automotive Brake Pads
4.7 Stars (4.7 / 5)
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Bosch Premium Automotive Brake Pads
4.6 Stars (4.6 / 5)
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Wagner Automotive Brake Pads
4.6 Stars (4.6 / 5)
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ACDelco High-Grade Vehicle Brake Pads
4.5 Stars (4.5 / 5)
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6. ACDelco High-Grade Vehicle Break Pads

Without a doubt, ACDelco has been around for decades (100 years to be exact). They are a leader in the automotive parts world, and break pads are one of those things.

You should consider getting a set of ceramic brake pads if you’d like to have good overall everyday performance. Not expensive at all in fact, a set of front pads should not cost you any more than 30-40 dollars. Check them out on Amazon for their lowest price, be sure to match the right fit for your vehicle.

5. Wagner Automotive Brake Pads

Yet another great company that makes brake made for every day type of vehicles. Whether you’re driving a Toyota Prius, Ford Fusion, or Nissan Titan, this brand is perfect for you. They are targeted towards ever day type of performance, this is where the ceramic¬†material comes in to help you with the stopping power, and overall increased life of the brake pads.

Match the correct set of brake pads for your vehicle, they should typically cost no more than 34-40 dollars on average. A set includes 4 pads in total, allowing you to either get the front brake pads OR, rear brake pads for the vehicle. So far, reasonably prices, check them out for their current best price below.

4. Bosch Premium Automotive Brake Pads

These are a more premium oriented brand of break pads. A lot of German vehicles use Bosch as their¬†all around pads. German pads + German vehicles = perfect compatibility. However, it’s not only German vehicles these pads work great on. Be sure to find the right fit for your vehicle, and if this brand is even compatible with your vehicle.

Overall, you should lean towards the Bosch brand because you want to “up the ante” just a bit in terms of performance. They are by no means track oriented, but just a bit better than most standard ceramic pads.

3. Raybestos Premium Grade Automotive Brake Pads

Coming from an American origin and over 100 years in business, Raybestos are a premium grade of pads for a wide range of automobiles. Again, they are catered towards everyday type of vehicles such as Ford Fiestas, and similar vehicles. The metallic and ceramic mix enables solid life, and good stopping power for those “hard stops” we so often can experience. You’ll get a set of shim’s to help you mount your new set of pads to your brake calipers.

These are very cost effective, usually not being any more than 30-40 dollars. Just go to the section where there’s a vehicle selection option, and match your vehicle with any of the pads available by Raybesto. Go ahead, give it a try below.

2. Akebono Premium Automotive Brake Pads

For straight up Japanese manufacturing, specifically for premium performing vehicles, Akebono is what you should be looking for. Originating in 1929 in Hanyu, Saitama, Japan, Akebono specializes in break technology for cars, trucks, scooters, and bikes of all types. These are semi-metallic OAM replacement type of pads that have much less fade compared to regular OEM pads you typically see. These tend to be quieter than ordinary brakes, and if you drive a vehicles such as BMW, Mercedes, or Audi, these would make for a perfect set.

Premium quality, but not at a premium price is what it seems like. You of course must first match up your vehicle before you choose any given set. See Amazon below to see what their current lowest cost is.

1. StopTech Performance Brake Pads

These have the biggest bite of them all in terms of stopping power, StopTech Performance Brake Pads are the way to go if your vehicle is in any way quick. Whether you’re driving a high-end Mercedes, or a high-end Nissan, StopTech is probably the better option in this instance. These are perfect for spirited street and light duty track use, compared to the above brands, these will usually produce much less break dust when under heavy stress. Without a doubt, much like the brand Brembo Stop Tech makes some of the best brake pads for front and rear.

Each set includes everything you’d need to get it all setup in your caliper housing. Be sure to line-up your current vehicle with the proper fit, to ensure no hassle and a simple installation. View Amazon below for the lowest price.

**Extra: we have some extra guides which you will find quite useful. Finding a good set of brake pads will help you in MANY situations. Having the right set of tires and when snowing, a good set of snow chains, will make all the difference in the world.